C O M M U N I T Y   O U T R E A C H


There are many ways to be involved in the Outreach portion of the Guild. You are welcome to participate in any way that fills you with joy.



Juvenile Surgical Caps

Sherry Cobb-Thompson (904-335-7496) is the point of contact for this project. These caps are used during the child's procedure and they take the cap home with them! The busy season of Summer is about to start. 

You do not need to wash the caps. The hospital washes them after they are received. 

Fabric choice can be specifically for girls or boys or can be worn be either., although they often run short on boy caps.

You can piece fabric together in any design, as long as it makes a 20-inch circle.


Here's what you need:

A 20-inch circle of fabric

16 inches 1/4 - 1/2 inch elastic

Basic sewing supplies


Here's how easy it is:

Cut one 20-inch circle, fold over hem 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch to make a casing for elastic. Size will be dependent on the width of the elastic ( ¼ to ½ inch).

Pin the hem and zig-zag stitch along the edge, leaving an opening for elastic to be threaded through. 

After pulling the elastic through the hem, take the two elastic ends and overlap them then zig-zag stitch over it.

Finally, close the opening.   You’re done. 

Takes about 10 minutes to make 1 cap, start to finish.


Thank you for helping to make a child’s procedure a little brighter and less scary.



Charity Quilters 

Kits are available at the meetings or contact the coordinators.  The Charity Quilters (see Small Groups for all meeting details, all are welcome) work on these quilts. People are needed to help rotary cut kits during Charity Quilter meetings and to sew bindings on quilts you can pick up at regular Guild meetings. Theresa Megna (277-2143) and Jenny Chen (310-3610) chair this committee.


Habitat For Humanity

Pam Wise (415-5065) chairs this committee that creates bed sized quilts for each Habitat home in Nassau County.


NeoNatal Baby Blankets

Placemat size, 18 x 22 up to 30” square, are provided to the NeoNatal unit of UF Health. The blankets are washed at the hospital and sometimes go home with baby or the parents. You may bring these blankets to any meeting and they will be given to Sheri Inserra who works at UF Health and delivers these sweet blankets for us.


Quilts of Valor

Laurie Malm, owner of Lollipops Quilt Shop, has taken on the task of working with the Quilts of Valor program. There are special requirements for a bed sized quilt to qualify for this program and Laurie and her assistants work with the QAV folds so all you have to do is create the quilts in the specified size and materials.


QAV provides quilts for wounded servicemen and women; preferred size is 55" X 65" up to 60" X 80"; masculine quilts are especially in demand; Laurie provides the special labels, but a handwritten note, perhaps just saying thank-you to  the service member, and a presentation pillowcase are requested. See http://www.qovf.org for full details.


Ryan’s Case For Smiles

Ryan’s Case for Smiles helps with the stress and emotional impact of illness for children hospitalized because of life threatening disease. These whimsical pillowcases give children an emotional boost during a very trying time in their lives. Our Guild has spearheaded the production in our area creating and donating hundreds and hundreds of pillowcases

We have held Sew-Ins in coordination with Lollipops Quilt Shop and Jax QuiltFest has offered a day of free admission when you volunteer to sew pillowcases for an hour at the show!

Bring pillowcases you make at home to any meeting. Barbara Nasworth (261-7924) is chair of this committee. For size specifications go to http://caseforsmiles.org and check out YouTube for ingenious ways to make pillowcases fast!